Monday, August 4, 2008

I am not an agent for Vintage Trailer Supply

Ever have one of those days when you forget your cell phone is in the charger and you have to turn around and go back home? And then you retrieve it and go to the gas station to fill up, to find your wallet is there too. And after you finally put a $100 bucks in the tank and it is only 2/3 full, some ass who didn't forget his cell phone, cuts in front of you and you slam on the breaks sending your coffee you just got all over the floor. Ever have one of those mornings? Then you cut the last piece of trim short and you have to go back to the building supply house to get another piece, so you can finish the job. Then you decide to make it quick and go to Mc Donald's for lunch as to not burn any more gallons of gas every fourteen miles, but they forget the cheese you paid .40 extra for on your #4 meal deal. Ever have a day like that? Well, I did.

But then I came home, waiting for me, at my back door was a present. It is from Steve and Kim at Vintage trailer Supply and it is addressed to me. I feel like the teenage boy in Animal House when the girl came flying through his bedroom window. He was in bed reading a playboy and bang, his dream came true, there she was. Well, BANG, there was the box.

And lookie here at what I bought myself.... A brand new Cyclo Polisher. What a great day this has become.


TomW said...

No, I have never had a day like that. My secretary carries a phone while my driver takes care of the tank. The chef never forgets my cheese and my chopsaw is CAM driven.

Of course I'm kidding, Frank. Seriously though, I always light up anytime there is a box at the door with MY name on it. Great analogy, BTW.

But I am a little surprised at your glee for this particular tool. I remember an earlier post wherein you professed your "love" for polishing. And I mean you REALLY professed your exact sentiment.

Fortuately, I'm sure Steve's polisher won't have a Viking funeral like the last one did.

Happy swirls,

silverhobby said...

Frank, My back, wrist, arm, and shoulder ache for what you are about to do. Have fun. Kevin

Jaime said...

Frank, you are a pisser! I appreciate your posts and your infectious excitement. I also think you should be a regular on The Vap! Come on Tim, give Frank a title. Or better yet, lets have a contest for a title!

Barry Norgaard said...

Keep the posts coming. Love the humor and wisdom. I love coming home to packages from VTS. I usually try to check the tracking number and make sure I beat my wife home. She doesn't need to know how much my "affair" is costing me :)

Frank Yensan said...

you people make me blush... Thank you all.

utee94 said...

Time for some more polishing posts Frank-- I'd like to learn some new colorful language! ;-)


crowldawg said...

I've had a year like that.
Keep on polishing .