Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I just cannot stop spending time with my mistress

I LOVE polishing. Now that the nasty work is done and I have the right compounder, the right polish, the cyclo, well, it has become a pleasure to polish. I am working one panel at a time and just rolling with it. Anna will never be the perfect polish poster girl. She has bad skin that shows her age. No problem with me, I prefer the older lady. Here you see the effects of steel wool. One of the previous owners used steel wool and mineral spirits to polish the curb side and it has left scratches that just will never come out.

This is the effects of acid rain. I have shot close to 50 pictures trying to capture the effect it has had. The picture here does it no justice, but there are serious streaks of pits. I can very clearly see the lines the rain has created. These are all so deep that there will never be any chance of getting these out. The only possibility is panel replacement, which is not going to happen. I can easily live with this, it all good.

I never rebuilt the window up front, so I thought I might remove the outer seals and try to just replace them if the buthyl behind the glass was still holding the seal. Well, it was good all the way around the glass panel, except the top right hand corner. I figured that it was high enough and the rubber would help deflect the rain, so I could just cut a corner and not do the buthyl and new glass. I put on the bottom gasket and the side gasket and "CRACK" right in the spot where the buthyl seal was not strong.

So, a new piece of glass, new buthyl, new rubber glass gasket, and new inner bulb seal and we are good. I even detail polished all around the window frame. Front end is looking really sharp now.


the byamcaravanner said...


You should have discarded the broken window by sending it to me and then installed one of those cool '70s windows in it's place.

bnc4k said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks so much for calling this morning. It was great to chat with you and I know that Bobby appreciated your advice. We look forward to a Rally!