Friday, October 5, 2007

riled up for a rally

I have been wide awake since 3 am... we leave this morning for our first rally ever with the Washington DC Unit. I woke up and my tiny little brain was just racing with all the details of getting off. This is Anna's shakedown trip. I have not taken her out except to be inspected when she came home to us. How will she perform on the 4 hour journey to New Port News Virginia is a big question. I wonder if Wally Byum and his gang had the same jitters as they embarked on the first carravan. I wonder if his mind was racing in the early morning hours. Anna sits hooked up, fully packed, just waiting for the rest of the family to wake up. Her pink Dometic refridgerator has been burning for two days now and when I filled it full of food yesterday evening it was nice and cold even on the middle setting. I wonder why we do not use more of these propane refridgerators. The thing is 45 years old and still works perfectly. We belong to communal farm in West Virginia (not really a commune, but a communally owned property that use to be a farm) and the gas refridgerator had been working strong since 1948. It was replaced this past summer not because it was broken, but because some of the members wanted a more modern gas refridgerator. Some were tired of looking at the pyhcodelic paint job from the 1970's and thought it too old looking. So a new white one was ordered. Unfortunately when the new one arrived, the old one was tossed out into the side yard and the door was bent so badly that it cannot shut anymore. All those years of service to be tossed out and damaged beyond use. The cool thing about the gas refridgerator is that there are no moving parts, nothing to break down, no circuit boards to burn up. I plan to keep Anna's dometic in place and use it for another 45 years.

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