Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm a big fat liar...

I am a big fat liar and the person I lied to is myself. I actually believed that I had bought a vintage trailer that was in no need of restoration. I thought that I had gotten totally lucky and Anna just needed to be cleaned up, a little refinishing, minor stuff. Everything was pointing in that direction until this morning. We have gotten rain for the past two days. this is significant, because we have not had rain in about 40 days. With the rain came four leaks all at the windows. I am proud to say that the window glass and the sashes did not leak.

The water is coming in from higher up than the window, I suspect. It is probably a failed seal at the top of the window frame. Water is getting in behind the drip cap and then in the top of the window. This is all theory of course. My next plan of attack is to start at the top and work down sealing everything as I go. I will probably need to start at the astrodome and work out from there.

So the next thing I did was follow the water down. Well this is when reality hit me me hard, hard in the face.

The water has been flowing for awhile now in the bathroom. This became very evident when I popped up a tile way under the bathroom vanity and pushed a #2 pencil right through the floor with little effort.

Suddenly my project has expanded to include a bathroom removal, partial floor replacement, and bathroom renovation. I thought I had eaten a lot of elephant, to realize that I haven't even made a dent.

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