Wednesday, October 17, 2007

to see thru or not...

I have found that replacing window glass is not so bad. The fact that replacing glass is so easy has lead me to removing the rock guard from Anna. I like the idea of being able to see through the trailer while in tow. The view is hampered by five layers of glass and, until today, a green fiberglass rock guard.

The rock guard or the "Rox- Sol Gard Canopy" manufactured by Thornton Industries of Knoxville, Iowa, had been an eye sore in my opinion from day one. I understand it's purpose but I never liked the way it looked on Anna. The dark color also really cuts down on the amount of light that makes it in. I decided to remove it. Removed about 10 steel screws, scored the silicon joint and off it came.

There was a wide bead if putty under the mounting bar that cleaned up with some naptha and a rag. Found a patch of shiny aluminum under it and some holes... big puckered holes created by big steel screws. The holes are easy to fill with Olympic rivets, but they are not in a straight line and some of them are directly next to a bucked rivet. I filled them, but feel they will bother me until I replace the drip cap above the window. Who knows might forget that it ever happened....most people would never spot it.

Well, now I should be able to see through the back window of the truck, through the front window of the truck cap then through the back smoked plexiglass on the cap, and right on through the front and back window of Anna. Maybe I should take out the screens to make it easier to see the Mack truck flying up behind me. It should work a little... okay, I just think it looks better without that thing.

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