Thursday, September 27, 2007

more little bites, some took a lot of chewing.

The past two days have been filled with a few projects. The main project was to remove two heavy steel beams that were attached to the roof. The beams were used to support a roof when Anna was someones shore camp. The previous owner said that his previous owner had a corrigated plastic roof off of the beam. The steel was mounted to the awning rail by means of bolts that had been welded to a piece of #2 re-bar. The re-bar was pounded into the "c" of the awning rail. After a number of years the re-bar, bolts, and aluminum awning rail had fused into one solid mass.
The best solution I found was to drill out the rivets and remove the whole mess. I drove over to Charlies RV Center and bought a new 16' piece... the profile was exactly the same after 45 years. Some buthayl tape, olyimpic rivets, vulkemm, and pumping of the riveter... back to the way it used to be,... except the rusty spots left by the beam on the skin. Now the vintage awning I bought on ebay has a place to mount to the trailer

The next project was to replace the steel propain tanks with new Worthington #30 lbs. bottles. While I was at it, I also replaced the regulator and pigtails. Sure looks a lot better than it was before I started. Just some more aluminum to polish.

The last thing done was to replace the dry rotted truck tires with new trailer tires. I sanded the rims, primed them, and painted them black. 10 ply Carlisle should hold up for a few years.Packed the bearings while I was at it.

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