Thursday, September 13, 2007

So for the past few weeks Anna has been parked at my good friend Monty's house. He has enjoyed looking out at her sitting in the lawn. I'm working on him hard to buy an Airstream, he actually seems half convinced. His neighbors also say they enjoy looking across their lawns at her. The thing they all like about Anna is that she makes a great backdrop for coctail hour. They bring lawn chairs over and sit around her curb side, sipping coctails and enjoying the fellowship. I do not know quite how to break it to them but next week she is coming home to me. The reason I have had her over at Monty's is due to a promise I made to my wife. When I bought Anna without asking if it was okay, there were certain concessions that had to be made. I had to promise Beth that I would do nothing to Anna until we move into our addition.
For the past year and a half I have been putting an addition onto our house. The addition to the house was due to an addition to the family. When we found out Beth was with child, we decided we needed more space in our house. Like Airstreams, old houses take more time and more money than one can ever imagine. I thought we would just cut a hole in the side of the house and add on. I have replaced all the sill plates now in 60% of the house, insulated, vapor barriered, sheathed, and re- sided the same 60%, and added a 385 square foot addition. A simple project quadrupled in size. Good thing I am a carpenter and am able to do almost everything myself. This is what I deserve for buying a house built in 1790 and modernized in 1870. Well I am so close to being done it is scary. By the end of this weekend I will be done, and Anna can come home.
Anna's homecoming will be a welcomed event for me. Boxes have been arriving almost daily from Vintage trailer Supply. I have purchased every window seal, door seal and seam seal that could be needed. I have purchased all new closers for every window. When I re- build every window, I want it to be better than the day it left the factory in Jackson Center. I've purchased rivets for inside and out. I've purchased Alclad to fill the holes and bad areas and to give the new rivets some sort of purpose. I've purchased an Olympic Shaver to make those rivets look almost as good as the day she left Jackson Center. According to the tracking info, tomorrow the new Aluminum #30 bottles will be here. AND,... AND,... AND I CANNOT WAIT TO GET STARTED. In less than three weeks I will be attending my very first rally, and there is so much to do before then.

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