Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Off playing, when I should be working

The past weekend nothing really happened on Anna. My wife and I had a wonderful respite from work and parenting. We were fortunate to have an Aunt stay at our house and watch the girls so we could go to New Mexico. We did a great deal of cool stuff; we hunted for turquoise at a a friends mining claim in Cerrillos. We rode the Toltec & Cumbres Train from Chama. We visited with some friends in Taos. We soaked in the hot springs of Ojo Caliente. And we saw some of the sites of Santa Fe. New Mexico is one fine state that is for sure. Hopefully we will be able to attend a rally there someday... We will definitely be taking Anna there in the near future.
There were a lot of Airstreams and even some real nice vintage SOB's to be seen along the drive. Here on the east coast there are very few to be seen from the road, but in New Mexico they were everywhere. We saw a real nice vintage Airstream while visiting some off the beaten track hot springs outside Taos. The door was open, but we didn't stop in. I think the protocol is open door means come on in for a visit. We didn't stop. Sure wish we had.

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