Wednesday, July 8, 2009

you meet the nicest people at these things

At every rally I attend I meet the nicest folks. The Madison International was no exception to this trend.
I was fortunate to have visited him at his shop in Michigan, but David Winick was in the house. When I snapped this photo he said " you can't take a picture of me, I am an enigma..." A very true statement, but none the less, the photo came out. David was aluminum tenting it in his personal trailer he is in the process of building. That is a 1948 Wee Wind and they do not come much sweeter than that. David does only the finest quality work and I am inspired to be just like him. If you want the best, David Winick is the man. You can see more of his work at:

Some more great folks I met were Tina and Michael Lambert. They came down from the great country known as Canada. These two were the nicest people you will come across. Very open, very welcoming, and extremely generous.
Now I like all Airstreams, but have been known to make jokes about 1970's rigs. No joking now, their trailer was the bomb. As a good friend would say, "that trailer is tits!" The shine was flawless and so was the interior.
The Lambert's went for the custom approach. They pulled it off very well to say the least. Some of the original stuff was used and some new improvements made.
The surf, Hawaii, retro look just worked so well from one end to the other. Now this style is not usually my bag, but man did it look good.
Neon, who does not like neon?
Most of the 70's trailers have very uncomfortable bathrooms. Not this one. Michael rearranged it to flow well. I like how he got rid of the plastic vanity.
Can you hear Hawaii Five O theme song playing in your head?
I think my parents had this same juice set back in the 1970's. The entire decor just worked from front to back.
Very nice built in bar. The frosted glass was a sweet touch. They used a lot of blue boomerang laminate. So much that it is almost invisible.
So tacky they are beautiful. 
With a masters degree in art, I am not easily impressed by most paintings I see. I have never seen Airstream paintings that I thought were worth a second glance. But Michael's paintings blew me away. The composition was flawless and the technique superb. I am going to be saving my pennies and quarters for one of my own. He gave Dale Schwamborn this one and Dale was very touched by the gift. If you want to see more of Michael's art please go to this link:

Michael wanted a door with in a door, but his year did not come with one. He did the next best thing short of cutting one in. He made a faux door with in a door. Very cleaver idea.

More cool people coming up soon.


utee94 said...

David Winick is me hero!

But, he knows that...


TomW said...


There's a blog on your side panel named "Airstream Memories". Although the blog has been around a little while, there's not much about the obviously proud Airstream owners themselves.

They were at the International Rally. Did you perchance meet them? They seem like nice folks.


Tom and Juliet said...

We love Boomerang laminate too - my wife is threatening to redo whatever AS we find with it.

Tom M