Saturday, July 25, 2009

Now let's talk trailers

I drove past this antique shop and just about caused an accident locking up the brakes while going 70 mph. Well, I am exaggerating, but I did piss the guy off behind me when I slowed quickly and turned left abruptly. A whole row of vintage canned hams just twinkling in the strong Montana sun. Now I know how a moth feels as it sees the high pressure sodium street light.

I probably should not be blogging about this, but if someone wants to beat me out of the trailer I am after, well they are just that type. Perhaps the fact that I am going back in an hour will head them off at the pass so to speak. I sure hope that type of person does not read my blog. Looking at this row it is fairly obvious which one I like.

No it is not this Forester. The hail damage is a shame. Hope someone can look past the pock marks, for the layout and interior are swank.

No it is not this 51 Shasta, though the interior in this one is spectacular.
It is actually not any of those Shasta you see up at this end of the row.

It is this 1949 Imperial. Should have known right. The aluminum one. They actually are all aluminum, but this one has such a nice shape to her. I can easily see her all polished up.

I love the glass door and those little scooped wheel wells. Beth cousin has already hatched a plan to get it back to Maryland for me. He owns a white water rafting company and a few of his guides are going East for the fall rafting season. I pay their gas, they have a place to sleep, we both win. I hopefully will be able to reach an expectable deal with the seller and she will be mine.


Brad Norgaard said...

I knew from the first photo which one caught your eye, as it caught mine as well. Good luck in the acquisition and the transport. I will not be traveling to Montana to stand in your way.


Sugarfoot said...

"Now I know how a moth feels as it sees the high pressure sodium street light . . "

Excellent analogy!

John said...

How big did your boner get?

utee94 said...

Tickets to Montana have been purchased, just try and beat me to that trailer!