Monday, July 13, 2009

And now for something totally different...

I was returning from Michigan on a trailer recovery this weekend. It was too far to drive all the way back, so I thought I might take my buddy Ace Goldberg up on his repeated offers to come crash at his place. Unfortunately Ace was not home this weekend, but invited me to join him where he was camping. After a very long day I headed for Coopers Lake Campground and asked for a site with the Scotty group.

Just like Airstreamers, they have a club. 

Just like Airstreamers they like to park in a wagon wheel and those that don't scatter them selves around.

It must be a camping club bylaw that potluck is served. From what I understand, they actually have judging of dishes. There is a dutch oven class, an Ovenette class, a salads class, and desserts. The food was real good and I was super hungry so this potluck was a welcomed treat.

Awnings are very popular. These trailers are fairly small at 13, 15, or 17 foot long so an awning makes for much needed living area.

Ace walked me around and told me all the models and years. It did not digest too well, for I forgot it as I write this. The thing I can tell you is these are cool little trailers. They are compact and light weight.

This is a 1958. A "silver sides" I remember that because it was my neighbor and I liked it the best. I have a thing for shiny aluminum over painted.

I also remember this is a "Highlander" 17 foot long this is the biggest. I like the clearstory window up front.

uhm, hello, Christmas is more than a few months away....

But low and behold, there were folks I know. The Weimers were here camping in their Scotty. They are double agents. Beckey and Mark are smart enough to know that Airstreams are very cool, but so are other trailers. They own two Scotties. Mark has been working hard at getting his ready for camping and has done a tremendous job. Please enjoy the following photos of it.

This trailer stuck out of the crowd, like Michael Jordan in China. The owners had a tree fall on their Scotty so they brought their Shasta instead. What a sweet trailer this was. Everything about it was perfect. The owners were very nice too. They should be very proud of this gem.

The birch cabinets were very nice with tight, even, uniform grain and color.

I would love to sit down at this table and eat my breakfast. Fried eggs would taste real good sitting there looking out at the lake.

These are brand new units. A dealer brought them in for people to look at. I thought they were cool. When I made that statement to Ace he replied, "But they are NOT vintage."  I guess some notions are universal.

From what I understand this is one of the very early Scotties. I talked to the daughter of the owner. She was explaining, very excitedly, how another owner has taught her to polish using SOS pads and Mothers polish. I tried to explain the difference between polishing and sanding the surface. The entire time she was looking at me like I was an alien. I explained about removing surface versus healing the pores. I explained compounding and buffing. I explained polish and rouge and compounds, but in the end she pointed at the scratched up shiny area and said "but it looks good don't it?" 


Sugarfoot said...

WooHoo Mark and Becky! Nice little rig.

Great rally, Frank. No matter what the brand, vintage trailer people are good people.

Anonymous said...

The theme of the rally was Your Favorite Holiday, hence the Christmas decorations. Glad you had a great time!

TomW said...

"The entire time she was looking at me like I was an alien"

Been there - done that on other subjects. Its a tough row to hoe with enthusiastic people who perceive outcomes differently.

Great pix! I would love to visit a Scotty rally.


Anonymous said...

Great pics Frank. Thanks for sharing them.

Steve V. said...

Frank, I love these little gems! Reminds me of my parents trailer at Chincoteague.
Thanks again for your hospitality the last time I was in town. Can't believe how grown up the kids are getting.

Cait said...

Cool pics! It's funny to see Coopers Lake without people in medieval garb- I've never seen pictures of it except for those from Pennsic!