Friday, July 31, 2009

How I spent (a day of) my Summer vacation

Just a few more pictures from Montana for your viewing pleasure. I am always on the look out for old trailers. This bus caught my eye and like the moth, I was drawn in...

What a cool house truck this could make.

At $1000 dollars how could you loose?

The place was swimming in very cool vintage vehicles. Back East there is nothing like this that I know of.

I was drooling, Beth was sighing, Halle was asleep, and Ava was rolling her eyes so severely it was rocking the car.

Rob Baker will need a cold shower and a cigarette after seeing these rusty old trucks.

He doesn't smoke but he just might start. Later in the day we went White Water Rafting with the Outfitter that happens to be Beth's cousin.

He gave us the family discount.

Very generous of him to put so many smiles on everyone's faces.

And give us a tremendous thrill ride.

The photographer could clearly hear me say "Hi Mom" I love my Mom. I am a Momma's Boy.

This was all class three rapids on the Gallatin. It runs through Big Sky. If you want a few hours of fun, go see the folks at Geyser Whitewater Expeditions. Tell them Frank sent you.

Beth sure got a thrill.

Ava looks pleased with herself. I know I had a good time.

We have been back a week now. Montana already seems like so long ago. Why does real life take back your life so quickly?

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Anonymous said...

Your pictures look amazing. Montana looks awesome. GO AVA!!!!!

Love Laura Balint Kuryk