Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Escape from the International

I had wanted to come to the International since I joined the WBCCI. My greatest interest was being a part of the Vintage Club. When we were parked away from the Vintage group on asphalt instead of grass like the rest of the group, I felt slighted to say the least. There are all kinds of activities going on over there that we are not a part of. I had been warned that my expectations might not be met due to the cliquish nature of the leadership. My expectations were dashed to say the least. In a club going through so many upheavals, splitting the group was a very foolish move in my eyes. The folks all parked near me are likely to never come to one of these events again. When we voiced our concerns to the President and First Vice President, it was met with deaf ears. They were of course on the grass and the situation was just fine with them. We are making the best of it none the less over in the Vintage Annex. However it is such a shame to have a group as passionate as the WDCU excluded from the Club. I hope they have enough support to keep going forward in the future, for I will no longer renew my dues to the VAC. I cannot support an organization that does not support me. 
     We came here to see the fine state of Wisconsin. Yesterday we began doing just that. 

My good friend Steve Klohn took us to Old World Wisconsin. OWW is a collection of historic buildings moved to this location and restored to their original condition. They have people dressed in period costume to explain the structures and way of life for the people that inhabited them. I was amazed by the sights we saw here. I took over 350 photos and wanted to give you all a sample of just a few. 

Thank you Steve for helping us escape the sea of trailers and showing us some thing truly special. I look forward to what today might bring us.


Anonymous said...

Frank, sorry to hear that things haven't changed. I was hoping that you would have a good experience, but knew that they do not like WDCU for the way we enjoy ourselves.
Time to start up our own camping club and leave all the politics behind???

utee94 said...

We've been talking about forming the RBCCI-- Rob Baker Camping Club International-- so perhaps it is time to do that! :)


Ryan said...

Your descriptions of the International are sadly just as I'd imagined it would be. Until we hear things are changing, it's AirForums rallies for us. I would like to witness a sea of Airstreams for myself though..

Sugarfoot said...

Frank, I'm also sorry to hear that the majority at the Internatnional doesn't share the same vision as the WDCU. It's just camping and having fun, at least it should be.

Great photos. It looks as if you got to enjoy the soul of Wisconson. Not all is lost . . .

Tom said...

Frank, I'm also sorry to hear about your frustration. I know from reading your blog how much you were looking forward to International, and having it sullied by something like that is a shame.

We just passed through Wisconsin with our T@B a few days ago. It is a lovely state. Enjoy your visit despite the politics and have a safe tow home.