Tuesday, June 9, 2009

They really are FANTASTIC

I feel that when someone treats me right, I should do the same. I want to rave about Fantastic Fan. I had an issue with a crack in my housing. I am not sure if it was my fault in over tightening the screws when I installed it, or if it was the plastic, but the housing cracked and I was seeing water dripping in during a heavy rain storm. I called up Fantastic to inquire about a new housing. I admitted that I was probably at fault and wanted to buy a new housing. The response I got was "NO". 
Instead they sent me a whole new unit. Yesterday I removed the old one and installed the new one. The whole job took about 40 minutes. My old unit was a basic model that was manual crank up with in or out. It worked great, but there were a few times that we went out for the day and did not make it back before a rain storm swept in. 
I mentioned this issue to the nice man on the phone and he replied that it sounded like I regretted not getting the rain sensor. I said yes that was true. We also talked a bit about my trailer restoration business and and how impressed I was with their product and planned to use them in every trailer I do. Well, now Anna has the top of the line Fantastic Fan. I hope everyone reading this supports this fine American based and built company. They are FANTASTIC!!!!


utee94 said...

A previous owner bought a Fantastic fan and installed it in my trailer. It works very well.

A couple of months ago we had a hail storm here in Austin and the exterior cover was cracked. I called them up and told them I wasn't the original purchaser, but I liked the product, and wanted to buy a new cover.

They refused, and instead sent me a new cover free of charge, and a new lifter arm.

Fantastic customer service, Fantastic product, Fantastic company.


silverhobby said...

I had a cracked ceiling trim inside the trailer. I phoned Fantastic and told them what I needed and even though I was not the original owner, they sent me the part I needed for free.