Sunday, June 7, 2009

more cool SOB's

Airstreamers are generally snobs when it comes to any brand other than Airstream. Airstreamers refer to them as SOB's or "Some Other Brand" or "Same Old Box". There are some out there that actually believe that an Airstream is the best quality trailer made. Well, good for them. They are very wrong and I hope they continue to believe their lie. Now don't mistake my point here, Airstreams are great trailers, but they are not the only trailer worthy of praise. I actually praise a lot of trailers. While driving down the road, my eyes are on a constant scan for trailers, motor homes, and even busses after falling in love with the Bluebird Lounge. As I come across them, I usually stop and take some photos and make note of where it was.  A motor home I have really come to dig is the Ultra Van. Someday I hope to own one of these babies.

I came across this one while doing a recovery yesterday. I am not too sure about the year, but as with all old vehicles, it needs a little attention.
Something about that shape that makes it so special to the eye.
And the back end is so sexy being rounded in so many directions. Yes, I used the word "sexy" to describe the ass end of a motor home, so ?
So, if anyone is looking for a nice Ultra Van here it is. This one is in Middletown Pennsylvania. I have no connection to Frank. I just saw the rig and had to stop. I was pulling a 26 foot Overlander and had to turn around and go back. Yes, I am strange. 


utee94 said...

"Yes, I am strange. "



Owen said...

That's #555, which is it one of the very last produced in 1970 or possibly late 1969.

Ken Wildman said...

For more information on Ultra Vans you can visit