Sunday, September 14, 2008

Serendipity baby, thats serendipity...

I take a lot of photos. Some of them make it here, but most just spend their lives on my Iphoto library. There are many things that catch my eye, so you would see many photos taken over the years that are related; close up photos of flowers, doorways and window openings, rock formations, and anything Airstream related.

One of my Airstream photo targets is name plates and dealer tags. I just love these old tags that the dealer had put on when the trailer was first sold. Unfortunately I do not think this practice is done as much today as it was in the past. The ones I do see tend to be somewhat flat and uninspiring to me.

The design within Reach people are not ashamed to display where there trailer came from. That Thor Industries.. it is just a decal, a mere clear sticker. Common guys, you make the greatest trailer in the world, show a little pride in your product.

I have been reading this excellent book "Airstream, History of the Land Yacht" by Burkhart and Hunt. It is very good reading that puts the Airstream into historical context. I bought this book on for $4.89 along with a few other choice trailer books. I see people bidding on these on Ebay all the time and they end up paying three times what I did.

So in reading, I come to page 78 and see this image. This is one of the early Airstream dealerships in Florida. I know that it was in Florida, not because it states it in the book. No, I know this because of this photo I took on a resent trip we took.

This is why I know...

At Jersey Shore Haven's storage lot I took some pictures of the few older trailer there. They were lined up at the end as you see here. The third one from the left is my good friend Dave Morrison's 1964 Tradewind. The 63 Globetrotter with the front panel replacement is from where this dealer tag came.

Kind if cool when the dots connect up if you ask me.

Incase you all are wishing for some actual restoration work, stay tuned, I have a trimetric charging monitor system on the way from BestConverter and I will be putting that in this week. For those who enjoy the Airstream living stuff, we are going to the WDCU Beachcomber Rally in four days. Something for all soon to come.


Denman said...


I really enjoy your blog. The photos you posted today of the dealer tags were cool.

I read that you were getting a trimetric. I have one in my SOB and it's great. Really helps monitoring battery usage and recharging.

Perhaps in time I will have one in an Airstream!

Denman Schmid
Frederick, MD

bnc4k said...

When and where is the Beachcomer Rally? Details-Frank-Details!
Lovin the blogs, keep 'em comming!