Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Another cool part about going to rallies, well, or going some where with Anna is the present after the trip. I usually earn a decal for the door with in the door. I start searching as soon as a destination is chosen. I sometimes see them and think it would make a great destination on a long trip. I am currently planning out various trips all around the decals I am collecting. There is New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Nova Scotia, New Found Land trip in the works. The Smokey Mountains trip. The Great Cross Country Caravan of 2010 that I want to do. I see a decal and it becomes an excuse for a destination.

I bought this one early on in my collecting. It does not have any manufactures name on the sleeve or on the back. I worry every time I drop them into the bowl, for not all the decals still work. This one took a long time to release from it's sheet. I now always use very warm water. I also try not to touch them at all until the decal begins to release from the sheet. Like so many things in life, patience is a key factor. Anyway, this one went on perfect. Every time it catches my eye I will be reminded of the 2008 Beachcomber Rally with the WDCU. Next week I am going to Central New York for the WDCU installation rally. A visit to Howe Caverns and Watkins Glenn are in the plans.

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Anonymous said...

You need a gateway to the west sticker or old rte 66 sticker from Missouri on your door.