Sunday, September 21, 2008

Life is Tough....

So What did you do with your weekend? Well, I fought a serious cold all weekend. I tried very hard to not let too many people know it, I was big time sick as a dog. One of the disadvantages of having kids is the constant attacks of the common cold. Halle gets sick for 24- 48 hours and is all better, she passes it on to Beth or I and there it lingers for a good solid week. I started feeling Ill on Thursday morning I was determined to not let it stop me from a fun filled weekend with the WDCU at Beachcomber Campground in Cape May NJ. We headed out first thing Friday morning.

This may be a whole separate blog issue, but I might as well wrap it into how I spent my weekend. Many of, no, all of my Airstream friends, and most of my other friends have GPS systems in their cars. Some even have a GPS on their phones. They program the address into the GPS and it tells you where to go, how far it is, when you will be arriving at the current speed, you know all this because almost everyone reading this has one of these toys mounted to their dash. I am "old school". I use a road atlas and my wife navigates us through. I tell her where we are going, she finds it on the map and we set a course. Her thumb is marking the place we are heading.

Sometimes she will let me know there is a point of interest ahead and we will alter our travels to see it. But, most often, she will say "next town is Millville," or "we should be coming up on the next turn". Kind of like a GPS , only when we reach our destination, my GPS can crawl into bed and keep me warm all night long. The other advantage of my GPS is no one is breaking into my truck to steal it.

We have been to the Jersey Shore many times. About half way there is Salem and we usually stop there for a meal at the Salem Oak Diner. This is a 1954 stainless steel diner and everything about it is excellent. The food is terrific, the service is great, it is inexpensive, and cleaner than clean. This trips meal time was breakfast and it was excellent as usual.

I was even able to get front row VIP parking. Two couples struck up discussions about their memories of Airstreams.

We arrived at the Rally right at 11 am and it was a piece of cake to get set up. Beachcomber is a typical commercial campground designed to milk every dollar and quarter out of you they can. The spaces are stacked up tight and everything is an extra fee. A five minute shower is a quarter, the WIFI is $8 a day, golf carts are for rent, paddle boats, and even fishing gear. This place maximizes it's profit margin the best it can. They did however put us all together in one area. The rally hosts Sonia and Jerry, however were gracious hosts and took care of making sure everything was just right for all those that came.

The rally theme was Hawaiian Luau. The kids were all giving outfits to wear.

Most of the attendees wore Hawaiian outfit or shirts, everyone was given a lei to come to dinner. We ate a roast pig. We managed to devour the entire 100 pound beast. Yes, those are all the usual suspects....

After dinner there was a wonderful dance performance put on by Sonia and her Hawaiian troop. I had never seen such a performance in my life, and I was blown away. I think I have not seen so many men smiling since the one and only bachelor party I attended. It was spectacular to say the least.

Everyone got into the act. I hope the United States Marine Corps do not see this picture of Rob Baker in a grass skirt. That is him, on the right wearing the Navy sweatshirt. He seem unusually comfortable in that grass skirt. His comfort, had me very uncomfortable, but to each his own....

Our fearless Cherry Blossom host, Dannee, jumped right in. For a straight guy, he could shake his ass.

Now for the highlight of my weekend. I have been in the Wally Byam Caravan Club for over a year now. In all that time I have not been on a caravan until today. Caravaning is a blast, ex specially if it is with Rob Baker and Paul Waddel. Ex specially when all three of us want to get home and we all wanted to hammer down.

Three Sobs caravan together were zero competition for three vintage Airstreams.

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bnc4k said...

Hi Frank, I just wanted you to know that I am also the map reader on any trips that Bobby and I take, I am his "carol, carol" that GPS stuff is great but some women love to tell their men what to do!