Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Airstream life...

I often heard it said that the WBCCI is an old fashion club. That all the members are old folks and they do not have any fun.

I have heard it said in black and white terms. I have been told that there is lots of saber rattling, and flag flying. Well, some of that is very true. But my Airstream life is a little different.

You see I let my freak flag fly. I have no shame in that and I have no shame in embracing some of those old fashion values that are so much a part of the club. I have spent much of my life living a counter culture life and having the wheels come back around is just fine with me.

Lord knows how boring it is to play cards with your kid while sipping on a cold beer. Beth get that smile off your face, you are in the WBCCI and smiling was outlawed in 1959 right after Wally heard a joke that made him laugh so hard his ribs hurt for the rest of the caravan.

We do other lame things like play mini golf together. This campground had a course just 200 yards from our trailers. I sure am glad I brought my slip on loafers. For what it worth; 6 under par, 7 holes in one, yes, the hippie can play golf.

Sometimes we are forced to eat breakfast as a big extended family. Good thing Wally put a kitchen in my trailer so I can fix the vitals. You know everything tastes better with bacon, even the WBCCI.

Having an Airstream bathroom so you can bath your child is very convenient. I have heard that most WBCCI'ers do not bath. I have heard they are all dirty evil people. We break the rules a little and bath every now and then.

And then there are the kids... Damn kids. Always smiling, laughing, having fun. Don't they know this is a serious club? Don't they know that smiling was outlawed in 1959? I sure hope the head office does not find out.

Here is the face of club descenters. See that smirk? They know they are responsible for destroying this fine institution.

And it starts very young, as soon as they can walk in some cases.


Anonymous said...

I hope that was Turkey Bacon Frank!

Chuck said...

You make me laugh so hard Frank...opps was that outlawed in 1959 also?

bnc4k said...

You are the Airstream poster child! Not like one on a milk should be on a billboard! Those beautiful kids are the future of Airstram and Wallys legacy whether they know it or not, Thanks for being you!

utee94 said...

Frank, you are so very very serious. You should be an IBT officer. You'll have my vote, I promise (as soon as I join the WBCCI of course).