Monday, September 22, 2008

And here is why we Airstream...

It is actually very simple, the kids have a great time. We drop the "no soda" rule, we let them go off and play together, we let them have leave of the normal rules that confine their everyday lives.

They can dress up and get goofy.

wander over to the neighbors and work them over for some candy and cookies.

Slide until their butts are worn thin.

... ride a deer for the fun of it.

Or just spin.

Spin until one of them spits up their cookies and candy or falls off and splits their lip. Good thing neither happened, for I was the parent on watch while they attempted to make each other throw up said cookies and candy.

Left to their own devices they know exactly how to have a good time.


Anonymous said...

No Soda Rule?

Gee whiz!

Looks like a fun time.


utee94 said...

Looks like the parents also experience a relaxed no-mojito rule... :)