Saturday, June 14, 2008

weak week ended warrior...

Well the main weekend project for this weak warrior is the house. I realize that for most people their trailer would be the weekend project. At this stage of re siding I need the entire day to be able to remove the old clap boards, insulate, and put sheathing on. A few hours in the evening is just not enough time to make any serious headway. So before the afternoon thunderstorms, I managed to get another quarter of the front done. Hopefully by the end of the day Sunday the entire front will be sheathed. That would be a great fathers day present to myself. Beth asked me what I wanted to do for fathers day, the look was priceless when I said "work on Anna all day" 
Here is where Anna stands now. As you can see the compounding is getting close to done. Two access doors and the space in between. Easy right? Well, no. The oxide that you see is the kind that has been built up on sanding or steel wool marks. It is very thick and has that sand glued to the surface feel. This oxide just laughs at the F7 Nuvite. I will have to wet sand it first and then use the polish. I was polishing under spot light Thursday night to get to this point. I am doubtful I will get much more compounding done before the next rally, for there are a few little projects that need to be finished before we roll on thursday morning to Virginia. I did do some fun little projects already...
This is one of the evening projects I tackled this week. The porch or scare light had seen better days. The bulb was fried and so was the mounting ring. I called up Steve at Vintage Trailer Supply and along with some more Nuvite I got a new light fixture.
When I took the old one out, I quickly discovered why the bulb was toast. Some moron (sorry, I know  that two of the previous owners read this blog)  wired this light in so the ground and the lead are connected to the positive supply wire. Can you say short circuit?
So here is the new fixture, wired correctly and put back in. I just needed to clean the vulkum off after this picture was taken.
 ... next little project was replacing the old TV antenna connector. My Saint named Sam Baldwin out in Union Oregon, has sent me many bits he saved off his trailer project.  Though this connector is not perfect, it is in much better shape than the one that was there. I stiped of the wire, added new forked connectors and installed the mount.
... next little project was these Grotelite reflectors. I know they are not original, but I liked them, for they are more bling. I had sandblasted them and painted them with Eastwood silver and just got around to putting them on. As you can see to the right is the front panel and it still needs to be compounded too.

Coming attraction this week: grease the wheel bearing.....


Anonymous said...

Compoinding looks great, Frank. You're almost (half-way) there! :)

For Father's day I've spent the weekend at the lake, drinking beer and floating in the cool clear water. I'm sure your day of work on Anna felt just as good!


John said...

I love the porch light. Good to see you working on the details.