Thursday, June 12, 2008

... and six more

And six more makes one hundred and six...

I heard this if fun. Even after three rum and cokes I still do not see the pleasure of it. Guess I need to try a fourth tomorrow.

I have been asked, "Frank. what do you do  to afford this rock and roll lifestyle?" 

Well folks, here is an example of my "real job".  I build custom items for homes here in Baltimore.  These are two fireplace mantles that are exact copies of one existing in a clients home. They just put a major addition on and wanted the two new fireplaces to match the one in the original part of the house.


the byamcaravanner said...

I have been asked, "Frank. what do you do to afford this rock and roll lifestyle?"

Yes, it's the beautiful custom millwork... and your wonderful wife, Beth.

A rock star life with a rock star wife... man, you've got it good!

crowldawg said...

The polishing is coming along beautifully
I love the Mantel I used to do that before the back went south.
Finally have an appointment with surgeon on 7/2.That's why I have decided not to go to Saratoga this year .I heard on the VAP that you are # 70 something
Have a great time .I will hopefully catch up to you guys next year