Sunday, June 22, 2008

East Coast Vintage Rally

This weekend we went to the East Coast Vintage Rally in Staunton/ Verona Virginia. It was held at a KOA and there were about 44 Rigs there. Mary Kim and Paul Waddel were the most gracious of host and hostette.  They let everyone create their own fun, and fun is all we had. On Friday night I gathered everyone for an informal potluck supper. Beth, Ava and I walked around and asked everyone to come to site 107 for an informal potluck at 6:30. I am sure everyone was asked at least 5 times. Well, everyone showed up and we had a swinging party that received two visits from the KOA owner to keep it down. I was having so much fun that I didn't even realize he had paid us a visit.  The food was very good and the company was even better. Paul Waddel and I were the last to go to bed sometime in the wee hours. It has been a long time since I have had that much fun. Thank you Paul for the company and the good times. I do not know who brought the moonshine, but man was it a fun ride, thank you for that. 
Here is most of the group that attended the Rally. I hope one of the group photos came out. This one was taken after many shots and many in the group are not even looking at the camera. 
We all took a trip over to Trailer Buff. Trailer Buff is a full restoration company that does an unbelievable job at restoring all sorts of vintage trailers. The shop is equipped to do anything required in taking a trailer and giving it a new life. The quality of the work is as fine as it gets. The shop is owned by Martha and David Makel. Everything done here is done to finest standards. If you ever get chance to see a Trailer Buff trailer, you will be blown away. 

They have a huge lot of trailers waiting for new owner...
This is Dave Makel showing  a premier project, a 1937 Clipper being restored for a museum. 

Just so everyone can have a good laugh at my expense, here I am trying to put my canopy away at the end of the rally. How do those Chinese get these things in the bag?

Actually we had a huge rain storm and so much water collected that the thing collapsed. The guy in the Thor built Citation next to me lost his Zip Dee. I actually left it as a crumpled ball of trash. I think they sell the same ones at Harbor freight for $29.97. 


Chuck said...

xso wish I could have been there... looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

the byamcaravanner said...

The trick is to fold it up before you put it in the bag.
I wish we were there...I see a lot of familiar faces in Byamville.

John said...

Seeing you trying to put that thing in the bag reminds me of when I try to put on a condom.

the byamcaravanner said...

John... thanks for sharing that :-o

Are you saying you have lots of spindly appendages? LOL!