Monday, June 23, 2008

A rally as good as the East Coast Vintage Rally deserves two postings.

I am not claiming to be a rally veteran, but this one was the best yet. We "all" had a great time, even the teenager that came with his parents was having fun. My oldest was upset that it was too short and that four nights was not enough time to have a proper rally. She is ten and does not understand how long four nights at a rally really is. I told here that maybe next year we will make it five nights. Now she has something to look forward to.
As a rally gifts we were given a framed family portrait in front of the Byamville sign. This photo will hang proudly in our home and remind us daily of the great times we had in Staunton at the first annual East Coast Vintage Rally.
     I wanted to show a few of the great vintage tow vehicle and trailer combinations that came. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of Stuart Natlof and his 1961 Bambi pulled by a 1948 Cadillac. Here are a few though that I did photograph. Sorry about not knowing exact dates and models, I am really not a gear head.

I can tell you  Steve Mc Queen would have felt very comfortable with this rig. I think that trailer s a 1963 Globetrotter and a 1968 Dodge Polara. Very cool combination to say the least.

I really liked this International Travelall. It is a 1961 and the owner was telling me all about it. The only part I remember is that it is four wheel drive and it was the top of the line model. It is in near perfect condition and the trailer was not too bad either. This rig came down from Rhode Island.

Here is Paul Waddell's International Travelall. I think it is a 1969 and the trailer is a 1966 Safari. Now don't go quoting me, I think those are the years. Very sweet combination.
      Now I too have something to look forward to, because this Rally will become an annual event for sure. Paul, I am not just taking my hat off to you, I am taking my pants off too. 


Anonymous said...

Now THERE is a visual that none of us needed, Frank!

But thanks for the great pics, vintage TVs are just too cool.


utee94 said...

There, now you've done it, I've joined Blogger just so I can comment on yours.

Please, no more pants-less visuals. We just can't take it!