Thursday, May 1, 2008

when it rains I wire...

Well today it rained. I could not polish and I was heart broken, let me tell you. So as to not waste any time, I went back to doing inside stuff.

In the curb side wardrobe I have located all the electrical components. This is where the fuse box is so it seemed like a logical location. I installed my group 27 AGM marine battery first. Then came the intellipower converter. I installed a terminal block/ fuse box combination and out of that I ran a line to the nearest fixture. To my surprise the fantastic fan sprang to life. All the 12 volt lights also came on. I do not know how long it has been, but Anna has 12 volt again.

I proceeded to run some #10 wire over to the area under the twin bed. I put another fuse/ terminal block in here too.I connected up the pump and it turned right on. There needs to be a switch in the line so that the pump does not turn on when the tank is empty, but another successful project done. I will now be able to add lighting or anything 12 volt in the future by having a terminal block located here. By running power over here I now have water from both city feed and I can pump it out of the tank anytime anywhere. The only thing left is to mount the wires so they cannot move and put a switch in to control the pump... Tomorrow, back to polishing.


the byamcaravanner said...


I know this post is about wiring... but I'm more fascinated by the plumbing shown in your second picture. You have assembled a veritable museum of various plastic piping. I think you may have found your calling :-)

IndyAnne said...

Frank, wonderful work. Is that distribution panel from your old Univolt? Are you happy with the intellipower? Are you venting your battery in that closet, or is it "ventless"? I'm working toward the same idea. Did you re-wire the shore power line at all? Or your vehicle umbilical?

crowldawg said...

After looking at all those plumbing home runs .I think I'm going to go with copper.