Monday, May 12, 2008

Details for Marcus

I have been asked many times for more detailed pictures of the new bathroom and twins. The most flagrant requester has been Utee94 AKA Marcus Moyer in Austin Texas. He has been waiting long enough so today I semi put things back in order so I could snap off a few shots. Please understand that these photos were taken with a flash. It has been raining for days and it is very overcast here. The flash tends to wash out the color. I also want folks to understand that the entire bathroom needs to be cleaned with MEK to get the vulkum film off of the aluminum. I have not yet gotten to this final cleaning of the walls.
Use your imagination to join the three photos together that follow...

This is the tub and shower. I moved the diverter to the wardrobe so that I could get the shower head higher on the wall.

This my new sink and Alkemi solid surface counter. Alkemi is a solid surface material that has aluminum shaving in it. I though it an appropriate material for an aluminum clad bathroom.

The throne... original tank, original stool, original seat. All have been refurbished and work perfectly. Ironically, this was the only throne in the throw down that worked.

And now the twins...

Fantastic Fan... works fantastic. Thats Canada there at the top, top of the world like in real life.

Overhead cabinets with new veneer and refurbished hook locks.

New drawer made from Baltic Birch. These are half the weight of the originals.

Not sure what the wall protector thing is called, but it sure looks better in fiddle back maple.

an ants view of the twins...


Anonymous said...

Looks like a winner to me!


crowldawg said...

Not, that I ever had a doubt .It looks better than I ever imagined.I'm sure one of these days our paths will cross and we can see the coaches in real time.
Did you replace all the drains in the kitchen and bath ? Mine is all glued solid and my brother -in- law gave the drains the heave ho before I got a good look at them.

Kevin said...

Frank, Anna looks great. I will make the final inspection at the VAC in VA. Have a great spring and keep busy on the "real house" projects now.