Thursday, December 20, 2007

What have I done?

Two weeks ago Anna was a fully functional camper. We could have gone off and enjoyed camping at any time, but no I had to find floor rot and challenge some professionals to a renovation restoration resolution show down. After two weeks of dedicating two hours a day, I have gotten to this state.

I removed the elevator bolts by cutting them with a grinder. I then removed all the sheet metal screws from the "C" channel and cut the remaining elevator bolts. The shell was loose all the way around and so was the floor. I then ran a saw up the middle so I could lift the two halves out. It took one good tug and out it came.

The frame is in real good shape except for the last cross tie. It had suffered from the continuous leaks.

The "C" channel is also in good shape except in the area around where the leak was. This piece can easily be fabricated.

All in all a ton of work for 14 days...


the byamcaravanner said...

Looking good... you'll be back in business in no time!

Keep in mind...if you are going to weld on that frame, you'll have to grind off the rust at the weld site and the ground cable.

Zeppelinium said...

Love the photos. It's always interesting to see details, particularly from decade to decade on what Airstream thought the state of the art was at the time. The thing I noticed today is that your insulation is yellow--the 70's is pink.

As soon as the mother in law departs, the front floor section comes out of the Safari!

crowldawg said...

How much rot did you find ? I am stll up in the air about what to do with my '66 globe trotter. I have a small amount or rot near the door and some next to the battery where it looks like the drain for the A/C broke and just dripped inside the vehicle forever.