Sunday, December 9, 2007

how many feet can you stuff in that big mouth?

This past week I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the Vintage Airstream Podcast episode 59. The segment started off civil, talking about my baby, but fell apart when I stuck my foot and Rob's and Colin's in there too. I went and challenged the pros to a bathroom show down. I have some rot issues to take care of this winter and wanted to be pushed to get it done. The pros have both been living with partial bathrooms and being pros, well they need to get it finished.

I will now need to get moving. I still have cause to take care of before I fix the effects. I have a ton of work to do taking it all out, fixing the damage, and then putting it all back. The real winners in this challenge will be the wives. Out of this competition the real winners will be our significant others, for soon they will all have proper showers, toilets, and a place to brush the teeth.

I am still looking for that 46" front window drip cap or eyebrow as they call it in Oregon. For now I will use the designer blue drip cap to keep out the water.

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Anonymous said...

I'm pulling for ya dude! It was a lot of fun listening to you trash talking the pros. I think they're nervous. LOL!! Ya rattled 'em! ;^ )