Sunday, December 16, 2007

She looks so sad...

This past week has been a busy one with my paying job taking president over my passion. I was however able to get all of the furniture out and organized into a corner of my shop. All the rivet have been drilled out on all the lower panels from wheel well to wheel well. The insulation has been pulled out of the lower walls to get a clear look at the infamous "c" channel.

All and all the rot is not as bad as I had thought. There is rotten wood, but not nearly as bad as I had thought. In total area it is less than a square foot. Regardless of that, I will be replacing the rear eight feet of plywood. I have gone this far, why do it half way? Well I am doing it half way... half the trailer... half way... at least I am laughing.

If you ever take on a project like this, get help carrying the things out. I made a challenge that I would beat the pros solo, so I didn't want to ask my wife for help. As a result I slammed a wardrobe into my glass shade on the gas lamp. Now I need yet another, probably difficult to find item. I did find some very cool time capsules. I found this one on the back of the bathroom wardrobe mirror

But the best was finding this on the back side of the tub.

Do you think the assembly line was putting out trailers on new years day 1961? Maybe the tub company was behind on filling orders and the guys were working overtime.

Removing the water heater left me with huge gapping hole in her side. Surprisingly, there is no rot in that area. The entire floor is actually very solid except for under the bathroom window. I have so much to do that the job looks insurmountable. I will over come though.

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Rob & Zoe' Baker said...

Wow....i am excited to see the frame...