Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Intentional Tourist Part 4

At the crack of dawn we left Florida. Oddly, as we crossed the line into Georgia the clouds parted and the sun came out. It was however still cold. At the same time the sun started shining this truck passed me. 

I don't usually go for this kind of folk art, but I really liked what was in the back of the truck. This guy used the natural shape much more than most. I didn't see any bears either.

We drove together through the entire State of Georgia and until we turned off towards Charleston in South Carolina. I don't know if it finally seeing the sun or his colorful work, I sure was enjoying the drive.

Charleston and the area around it has a very strong Antebellum South feel to it.

Most of the trees drip with spanish moss. A note; do not pick it and take it home. There may be a bunch of insects in it just waiting to jump out.

We thought we had a reservation at Edisto Island State Park. Fortunately Reserveamerica had lost our reservations between the network and the park. We pushed on to a campground closer to Charleston. The county has a really nice campground on St James Island. 

We went over to Bowers Island for the sunset and dinner. It was still cold at the usual 37 degrees.

Bowens Island Fish House was the perfect place for us. This is not a fancy place at all. You order from a very limited menu with the bartender and when it is ready they shout out your name. All their beer is local and it is all draft. Many were eating oysters, but they are only served steamed here. Not a fan of steamed oysters.

Draft beers and draft soda while we waited for our food...

Beth had shrimp and grits. It was mighty tasty even though I am not a big fan of grits. That is a story in it's self.

The rest of us had the seafood plate. Shrimp, crab cake, fried fish, hush puppies, french fries, and coleslaw. So good! Very good! So good I could only eat 2/3. I rarely do not leave an empty plate.

The next morning we had until noon to see Charleston. It was all we needed since there were 20mph winds and it was 27 degrees.

If you like old buildings, walking around downtown gives you plenty to see.

Pink is a very popular color in this town. There were a lot of pink houses. I always though that was an Indiana thing.

There are a lot of very interesting buildings.

This house was built in 1720. It must have had a great builder. I doubt Ryland built this one.

I pray we can return when it is warmer.

We were homeward bound and oddly it was getting colder. I think the Arctic Vortex was on it's way. I have never seen a sky like that before. It was rolling like an ocean.

One last tourist trap. This time it was JR's Outlet.

JR's is a blended tourist trap and outlet store. 

They sell a lot of off brand stuff. These leather jackets had an Italian name and all implications of being fine Italian made coats but in reality they were made in Bangladesh.

Chinese made cowboy hats.

Chinese made cowgirl hats.

I strongly suspect these were a buy out special. 

North Carolina wine? Seriously? I don't know jack about wine, but when I go buy a bottle for Beth, I do not go to the guy and say "How about a nice North Carolina chardonnay? Can you hook me up?" 

There was a bit of humor to the merchandise.

Then there was the tobacco section. Would you really need to go to an outlet store for your completely off brand cigarettes?

How many packs of rolling papers would you possibly use in your life time?

I was hoping for a cool Gnome. No luck, the choices were slim. Though they had a ton of different led lighted dragon flies.

I bet that stock rotates quickly.

I was tempted to buy a ham in a sack. I really was since these are the salty hams you have to soak for a week before you cook it. I really do love a country ham.

Another temptation. No moonshine in it however. 

And suddenly we were home. 5 states and 2609.6 miles on the Dodge. I averaged 15.8 mpg towing the trailer. There was snow on the ground and it took four wheel drive to get the trailer back into the yard. It was 27 degrees, just like when we had left 10 days before.

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Looks like a great trip. Someday I'll get the Can on the road....Cheers!!