Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Intentional Tourist Part 3

We left the Lost Coast a day early than planned. It was raining. It was 37 degrees. Why not sit around in a moving truck rather than a stationary trailer. Our next stop was over to the Atlantic side of Florida. Beth has an uncle we were planning to visit in Palm Coast. Our camp ground was Faver Dykes State Park just North of there. When we got to the camp ground it was pouring once again. I have gotten very practiced at setting up the trailer in a cold, driving rain. To get to the camp ground one must go down a long dirt road. Most of the road was plastered to the trailer when we backed into the spot. Once set up, I proceeded to give Anna a bath. I kept looking over my shoulder, expecting a tyrannosaurus rex or a velociraptor to come charging from the saw palmetto.

This is a very natural place. It has a very primal forest feel to it. I imagine most of Florida looked like this at one time.

The campsites are very generous and fairly private due to the thick Jurassic growth. The sand drains the rain fairly quirky though it rarely let up. We only slept here so our needs were minimal. The bath houses were clean, though unheated like all the state park campgrounds.

Hopefully someday we will return and explore the park a little more. It really is a very beautiful place.

We needed some indoor entertainment. We found a tourist trap. 

All over Florida you see signs for Florida Citrus Centers. They have big bowls of oranges to try. They are all incredibly sweet and tasty. Then they sell you a bag of nasty oranges that taste nothing like the sample. They usually have guys who smell of liquor and use friendly but high pressured sales techniques to persuade you into purchasing things you do not want. 

They all have multiple bins of shells you can buy to make your house feel more beachy.

They all have numerous signs you don't need but feel tempted to buy.

Some people still use ash trays. Less people are smoking tobacco, but more and more are smoking pot. They all need a place to put their ashes.

I really wanted one of these mugs. I was on the verge of the purchase.

Halle wanted one of these until she realized it was a real alligator head coated in varnish.

An aligator jaw bone knife anyone? I bet these are very popular with 13 year old boys. They probably go out into the woods with these strapped to their belts. The first time they whittle with it, the handle snaps. Yeah, I have been there. They still are cool.

And who does not need some highly priced fireworks? We managed to escape with a pound of boiled peanuts and 4 sticks of alligator jerky. It was mixed with beef and tasted like a typical dollar store beef stick. They were $2.50 each and not a dollar.

Beth's uncle lives right by the ocean in Palm Coast. The waves were crashing on the beach. The wind was blowing water and sand fairly hard. No beach time here either.

We played 9 holes of miniature golf in the rain. When I was asked if I wanted to play mini golf, I pictured windmills, water falls, and a church you had to drive the ball through. I had no idea it was going to be miniature golf. Beth's Uncle Lester uses the mind over matter technique to deal with the cold. Even though it was 52 and raining, he wore shorts.

Everyone took it very seriously except Halle and me. She played along, but wondered when it was going to be over. She asked out loud twice. I shot 4 over par. We made the best of it even though it was raining.

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