Monday, January 6, 2014

The Intentional Tourist Part 2

From Savanna we made a direct bolt over to The Florida panhandle. Google maps said it was a 5 1/2 hour drive. For some reason it became a 7 1/2 hour drive. Most of it was at 75 mph so I do not know where we went wrong. It rained, was windy, and cold the entire way. I once again set up in the rain. It was 42 degrees. 

The first morning in Florida we woke to the sun. It was 36 when the sun came up. 

We headed up to the beach first thing for a walk. We were told it was going to cloud up and rain later in the day. 

The temperature got up to 51 that day. It was the warmest day of our stay in the panhandle. It was also the last day we saw the sun until we left Florida.

There were some creative sand castle builders at St Joseph's Peninsula State Park.

The beach was absolutely spectacular. Covered with shells and zero man made trash.

The park is set in a very natural area. There are two camping areas connected by a boardwalk through the dunes. 

After this day the weather changed. Very few photos were taken. It was warmer than back home but the rain, wind, and cold made it hard to do the beachy things one normally does at the beach. We played lots of board games. We read a great deal. In general we relaxed a great deal. We just had to run the heaters and keep inside the trailer

One day we did manage to leave the girls at the campsite and find an oyster shack. Maybe they call it a fish house. It was a place to eat some oysters. Texas oysters were being served.

We also got to spend some time with Michael and Deshawn.  They spent a couple of weeks here. Before we came it was in the 80's and sunny. 
We left a day early. It was spitting and rain, windy and cold. The temperature was 37.

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Jason said...

I thought that looked like St. Joseph's. We stayed there a little over a year ago and it was great.