Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It Started With a Plane Ride

 Mexico. So many perceptions by people who have never been to Mexico. Most who have been, never actually experience the real Mexico. Sure, you have been to the Rivera Maya, Cabo San Lucas, or Ixtampa, but that is not really Mexico, it is a created experience of what tourists think Mexico is. In the next few posts I hope to show you my experience of the real Mexico. 

Many do not realize a great deal of what we eat comes from Mexico. Most of it is grown on plots like this. Big producers can afford to buy water.

The majority of Mexicans however cannot afford water. They grow on arid plots like this, hoping for a good rain or two to bring in the crops.

Many Mexicans leave the small plots in hopes of making a better life in big cities like Mexico City.

24 million people live in Mexico city. It is am immense bowl of people. You have the ultra rich living next to the ultra poor. Our destination is Oaxaca (Wha ha ka) City in the Southern part of the country.

This is our house for the 8 days. All the houses in Oaxaca are rather unassuming from the exterior. 

Behind the front door is a different story. In Oaxaca the houses are built in the colonial style. A number of rooms built around a central open space is the floor plan. Houses are rarely more than two stories.

Halle has taken a strong liking to the hammock hanging in the court yard.

After a long flight a beverage is in order. Most Mexicans do not drink beverages like this mezcaltini. Most drink it straight up with fruit on the side. I prefer it straight up, also.

Mexican love to celebrate. Any excuse for a parade is used. I have no idea what this parade is about, but we joined in and followed along. I told Halle they were celebrating our arrival.

This guy welcomed me right in. He was poring shots of mezcal that he distilled just hours before to anyone who looked his way. Once he pored the first one, he never let me see the bottom of my glass. Man,was it a fun parade. A total stranger welcoming a total stranger. Mexicans are very inviting, welcoming, and gracious people. Thank you Estephan for the welcome parade.

I slept very well that night.

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Mary Rayme said...

Awesome blog post. Mexico sounds delightful. I had imagined you all driving there with an Airstream in tow, but now I see that is not the case at all. Thank you for allowing me to travel vicariously. ;-)