Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Street Art.

During colonial times artist were employed to pass a message to the people since most could not read. The locals were all Indian tribes and their pagan practices needed to be converted to Catholicism brought by the Conquistadors. During colonial times all public art was religiously thematic. Times have changed and public art in Oaxaca is huge. 

This piece was right around the corner from our house. I walked past it multiple times a day. I love it.

I loved this porno house poster too. I tried to peel every one I saw but could get none loose. I walked to the location to ask for a poster but they were not open yet.

Unfortunately a lot of  gang graffiti has infiltrated the streets of Oaxaca. Fourteen years ago there was virtually none but now it is literal every where. Gorgeous 350 year old building are tagged over and over. They try and fight it by painting it over right away, but soon there after, some want be gangsta comes along with a spray bomb.

I also walked past this piece daily. 

Daily, I stopped to check it out.

The graffiti boys seem to respect this type of art and do not tag it.

All hope is not lost.

Just so all you hippie types know, hongus, or magic mushrooms are plentiful and used in Oaxaca. 

This is a wood block print. Who needs a gallery when you have the street.

The photo does this piece no justice. It is huge and very vibrant.

The Virgin of Guadeloupe has never stopped being posted on the streets.

Just about all signage you see is hand-painted. I loved this one painted all over a neighborhood proclaiming citizens on patrol. I participate in my communities citizens on patrol. We do not carry machine guns like they do.

I hope you enjoyed my take on Oaxacan street art. We'll discuss the conquest and religion in my next post.


Mary Rayme said...

I have not seen any art journalist compare Mexican street art to Banksy, but I see a lot of where he was influenced here. Also, the art is better than Banksy. I am a huge fan of Our Lady of Guadeloupe if you have any more of those to post...I think she is visually stunning, and, of course, the mother of god. ;-) Thanks, Frank.

Aluminium Idler said...

Lovely shots.
You're the graffiti paparazzo Frank !