Sunday, May 1, 2011

Έναρξη αριθμός 4 (yes, it's Greek to me also, #4)

So what do you do on an island 9.6 square mile? RELAX. There is not a ton of stuff to do besides relax.

Ever want your own beach? On Ocracoke, you can have it. I know this is off season, but there is no development for about 4 miles in that direction. The entire beach is vacant except for the occational surf fisher.

The water was not too bad even in April. Halle went right in. Even if it was January she would probably go in the water. This is my little hippie daughter who prefers to go bare foot even in winter.

No development except the ferry terminal in that direction either. Just clean beach and about 50 million mosquitos. I will save those island residents for a later.

Donal had this wicked high flyer kite. I do not know the brand, but that kite just lifted right up and went. I was flying my dollar store kite at the same time. It too was willing to go to the end of the string.

My other kite, though it looked great would only hover 30 feet off the ground. Damn Harbor Freight $10 kite. I really should have known better.

The village of Ocracoke has a very picturesque harbor. Edward Teach aka Black Beard used to sail through that harbor channel back in his day. He actually used the island as his hide out for a while. The British had big boats with a deep draft but Black Beard had a shallow draft boat. His boat could navigate the shallow shoals found in the Outerbanks and the back bays behind.

There is a light house to see. With two parking spaces at the light house and no parking allowed on the street, we never got to see the light house. The locals all ride bikes and the week long tourists all rent golf carts. I guess parking spaces for a 3500 Dodge like mine are not very important.

We did enjoy a nice ice cream cone on the pier after our three hour tour of the island. It was so yummy, butter pecan was my choice. We then went looking for some fresh fish. Easy task on a fisherman's island right? NO, not easy at all. We went to the fish house three days in a row and "no fish today." Oddly, even the grocery store didn't even have frozen shrimp. There was frozen frozen fish sticks though. We ended up buying ribs instead.

Ever see my Texas smoker? There is is. Three hours in the smoke followed by two in Anna's oven.

Oh, yeah baby! That's how it's done son! A little of Marcus's Dad's sauce on the side... Absolute heaven in porcine form.

We ate well at every meal. Oddly, we only ate out once for dinner and twice for lunch during the entire trip. Food just tastes so good while camping. The love that goes into it blends well with the fresh air and gets the taste buds all worked up.
Three days were spent eating, drinking, and of course RELAXING.

Now we did get our fish and it was local, however we had to take the ferry to Hatteras and drive an hour up 12 to find it. It was so worth the wait and the journey.

I hope these posts have been worth the wait. There are at least two more to come. Stay tuned.


Nicki said...

It looks so peaceful and beautiful there. Another location to add to our must see list!

Sugarfoot said...

My, how Halle has grown. The water looks so calm. I would want to lay in the surf and just let it wash over me.

Frank's Trailer Works said...

Dacia, You will get to see just how much she has grown very soon. Looking forward to seeing you in VA. Is Mom coming? I sure hope so.

Aluminium Idler said...

Mmmmm... those ribs look good !

Enjoy some serious relaxing - it takes practice.


PS I've sourced a replacement catch for my Flying Cloud so no need to keep rummaging through your Airstream treasures bin, but thanks for looking.