Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring on Rockwell Avenue

I have a number of gardeners who read this blog. I thought I might share a few shots of my other hobby.

We have been very fortunate this year. Spring has lasted over a month now. Generally spring comes and gives in to summer within a week or two. This year has been spectacular. We almost turned the AC on today, so I am sure summer is right around the corner.

Virtually every plant you see came from our good friends at Radmer Farms in Denton MD. Anthony and I used to be landscapers many years ago and have remained friends ever since. His wife Debbie and he have a very nice nursery. They grow for the trade and allow me to come shop from time to time.

When we bought our house, there was nothing in our yard. There was only two holly trees. All the rest or the yard was a blank slate. Major changes in eleven years' time.

Beth and I love our flowers. The baptisia is really awesome this week.

Six years ago that birch was only 6 feet tall. It has been moved twice. I do not think it will get moved again.

Hope you enjoyed the little stroll around the yard.


Nicki said...

One day I want to see that garden in person. It's beautiful!

crowldawg said...

Stunning.I know what you can do if the trailer business doesn't work out.

Aluminium Idler said...

The garden is looking great, Frank. We've had an amazing spring over the pond too. Perfect to come home to after a day wrestling with aluminum.


Someday'59 said...

It seems you are a man of many talents. Thanks for sharing your garden. It's beautiful!