Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Seem to Forget the Name of the Place.

For the first time in my life I feel a strong inclination to not reveal my location. I really do not want to see people flood the place. There is already a bit of second and third home building going on here. For years now, Beth and I have been wanting to relocate. We live in the suburbs of a very large city and have yearned to live in a small town. We have explored many Western States thinking it to be the right direction to go. Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and Arizona were all strong contenders. New Mexico was leading the fight for many years. I think Virginia just knocked them all off of the list.

We had the pleasure of going to Central Virginia for a little rally. The rally was at someone's family log cabin. Pretty cool to inherit such a beautiful place. What a treat to be able to camp there. Thank you for the honor.

For the first 24 hours it was totally overcast and rainy. The weather never damped anyone's spirits. The weather did however obscure the mountains...

and the mountains behind the mountains. In that general direction is Walton's Mountain. There is no Walton's Mountain on the map, but the one they called Walton's Mountain in the TV show is over yonder.

We absolutely fell in love with this place. The sound of the river lulled me to sleep each evening and even during my nap on Saturday. The air was clean and fresh. I was sold by the fact that the entire county only has one traffic light. What more can you ask for? Still not revealing where we went. Okay, it is Fairfax County, everyone should move there. Oh, right, they already do.
Well, not all went as planned.

I managed to get Anna a little too close to a tree. It was a big old walnut tree. The tree won.

The porch light lost.

As did both jalousie windows.

The entire lower window is destroyed as is most of the top one. The frames are twisted and both will require major surgery. I am very doubtful they will ever be right again. All I can hope is that someone has a wrecked trailer I can glean some parts from. Anyone? Please?

Lovely huh?


tinman54 said...

Hard way to start the the weekend but the place probably helped calm things a bit.
Just a little wrinkled aluminum.
You probably know someone qualified to fix Anna.
Take care Doug

And yes that does look like a great place to live but my little town of Roberts Wisconsin(pop.1200) is pretty peaceful too.

Maryd said...

There are bunches of really cool places out in the Western end of VA. Funny, we spent the weekend in that direction, my niece's wedding! Sorry to hear about the damage to Anna--I suppose these parts aren't available on

Anonymous said...


Sugarfoot said...

It was nice to camp with you and Beth again. Ava is wonderful and Hallie has grown into a little lady.

I hope the healing of Anna will be as quick and painless as possible.