Saturday, April 30, 2011

Publique Numero Tres ("Three" for all you non linguas)

The next day we headed South even further. The Tar Heal State. Now I had to go look that one up. No concrete explanation unfortunately, just speculation.

I sure do know why they call Maryland the land of pleasant living. Having a few as I write this from the back yard...

Instead of posting a blurry photo, I have lifted this one from the Currituck BBQ Company's site. We all ate some North Carolina BBQ in North Carolina and it was pretty good. Lunch was short and sweet then right back on the road.

I hope I do not have to explain Grave Digger to you. Okay, Grave Digger was old school monster truck when I was a kid and the so called sport started. I saw Anna looking cute for that early generation truck in the yard.

He was grinning back, all country boy bashful, over the hot city girl.

He was puffin out and looking tough.

Givin her the wink.

Grave Digger was so bad ass at the first Monster Truck show I ever went to. Monster trucks are way more sophisticated now. Wonder if this was the one I saw and cheered on. I wonder how many of those old panel truck bodies they went through.

Anna and Thunder rolled further on South and onto the Outer Banks. Smooth driving, exit stage right, enter, slow, Harley infested, tourist not knowing where there going , weekend of Easter, weekend traffic. We worked our way South on 12. Lots of "12" stickers. Even more "OBX" stickers. I have never seen an Impko OBX water decal.

The drive South was followed up with a nice long que at the ferry to Ocracoke. Time to make lemonade? Nay, squeeze limes for margaritas.

Show time...

It started with a three hour tour, but the weather never starting getting rough. The little ship was never tosses. If wasn't for that fearless crew, the ferry never even got close to being lost.

Once on Ocracoke we made camp as quickly as we could at the National Sea Shore Park. The grill was fired up and some burgers put on for the adults while the kids ate mac and cheese with hot dogs. Big smiles and full bellies all around.

We were smiling, the flag was smiling,...

Even the man on the moon was smiling.

Good night Thunder. Goodnight Anna. Good night John boy.


nmbosa said...

Great post - best of the three. If you ever make a trip through the West, I hope we can get the families together for a few days of camping (same goes if we ever make it that far East with the Captain).

Frank's Trailer Works said...

Norm, I would absolutely love to camp with you guys. Anytime! The door is always open. If you ever find yourself in Baltimore do not hesitate in becoming my house guest.