Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So Short, So Sweet. Part 5

Ava had a field hockey game on Sunday afternoon. In order to make game time we needed to be on the road by 7am at the very latest. So, in the rain, cold rain I might add, I got us unhooked, hooked up, loaded up, and ready to roll. Beth worked on getting us ready inside the trailer while the girls both attempted to try and sleep longer. At 7am on the dot we pulled away from Pennwood. I pulled onto I80 East bound and set the cruise control on 70mph. We needed to roll all the way to Baltimore in hopes of making a B line for the game. We were going direct, trailer and all. About 45 minutes up the road the sky broke and we saw beautiful weather in front of us. I bumped the cruise up to 75mph and put caution to the wind. HEY, GET OFF MY BACK, my Carlisle are perfectly inflated and I know the risks. Don't you even comment in my excessive speed. I know, I know, I know.
Back to the story... At this point I pulled my phone out of the console, where it lives from arrival till departure on every trailer trip, to check for messages. Only one: "Hello, this is Anne, Ava's coach, BelAir does not have enough players and is forfeiting the game. Sorry but no game today. Practice on Tuesday". I will tell you, we almost pulled it into the median where it says "Emergency use only" and headed back to Pennwood. It was a serious debate. Instead I pushed the "COAST" button and dropped the speed down to 62mph, my usual towing speed(3mph UNDER the speed limit). A half hour later we pulled into a Cracker Barrel and had a nice leisurely breakfast. Damn, I love that hash brown casserole. Damn, it was a great rally.

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