Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So Short, So Sweet. Part 4

An early afternoon return from the Clarion parade was required so we could make Happy Hour/ Open House. I will be honest, I rarely use Open House as a reason to visit other people's trailers. That is what the gathering is all about, right?

There were a bunch of trailers to visit though. Many had good eats out to share with visitors.

Where to start, where to start?

I guess right next door is the best place.

And right on down the line...

Beth and I always spend a good amount of time visiting the Lodens. No need for a formal open house with them.

Some chose to nap, while I was visiting, but most attendees had open inviting doors. The rule is, if the door is open...

Sometimes the door is closed. Tom was busy preparing some goodies.

Eventually you end up at your own rig again.

I needed to get back to make wings for the Potluck. That's tandorri and homemade jerk. Both were very spicy, but the jerk was super hot.

There really is no place like Pennwood. I think it is the nicest campground we have ever visited.

The grounds are so well cared for. The facilities could not be cleaner or more comforting. We will be returning in the near future even if there is no rally planned. To all the hosts of the Fall Colors Rally, a deep, heartfelt, thank you.

A place was earned on my door with in a door for certain...

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