Monday, October 4, 2010

So Short, So Sweet. Part 2

What better way to start the day but with a hearty breakfast? I am fairly serious, what better way? For a few years now, I make breakfast, it's my thing to do at rallys. The traditional continental breakfast works, but getting a full breakfast brings the entire group out. It has people sitting down and talking in a way a muffin or a doughnut just does not. The socializing begins promptly at 8 even if the food is not yet served.

The preparation of breakfast for 125 people is not all that easy. I am very fortunate to have an awesome volunteer crew that helps me at just about every rally I attend. Like myself, they seem to derive a certain amount of satisfaction from serving others breakfast.

The flat top or griddle is the work horse of the breakfast. We cook up copious amounts of bacon first. The bacon is followed by home fries.

Potatoes, onions, some green chillies, salt, and pepper is all that goes in them. They are always a big hit and there are never any left overs. For a matter of fact, if you show up late, sometimes they are all gone.

Pancakes are always a big hit. The kids all love pancakes and a happy kid has a happy parent. Banana pancakes have been working their way into the rotation. They seem to be a huge hit with everyone except the four that cannot stand bananas. The one person who hates pancakes does not count.

Once the pancakes are set, we make eggs to order. The personal preference is astounding. Some want em hard, some runny. Over easy, sunny side up, scrambled. The only request we have not gotten yet is "RAW". Deborah has been such an incredible team mate to have. I hope she knows how grateful I am for all she does. She always claims she has eaten, but she always seems to be on station till the very end. Deborah, thank you.

Ace, whose back is to you also helps a lot. He tends to sip coffee, fetch things, and chat the customers until it is time for him to step into the ring. Ace is a very accomplished egg flipper. He cooks and flips to order. Once he steps into the ring, look out, stay the hell out of the way, for you just might loose an arm. Ace, thanks. On so many levels, thanks.
There are some others that helped a great deal too. Jason and Kathy prepped all the potatoes and onions. They made the pancake batter also. They both wanted to do more, but the only job left was to sit down and enjoy. To both of you, Thanks.

Carl had said Penn Wood had a dinning hall, but I never expected anything like this. There was room for everyone to sit and eat. Dave had built a nice fire in the fireplace to take the chill off, and everyone ate and talked about how to spend the day.

In my next post I will tell you all how we spent the day. It might even require two posts, so much took place.

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