Monday, October 4, 2010

So Short, So Sweet. Part 3

With only one full day during the entire rally, I wanted to take at least one side trip. Ace and his family were also wanting a day trip. The Clarion Farmers Bank Parade was billed as being a good time and worth the drive.

We loaded up our families in in Ace's van and off we went to Wendy's. Wendy's ???? Yes, Wendy's. It was right at the beginning of the parade route. We parked in their lot and bought some Frosty s. We could park now for we were paying customers. We actually got burgers and fries later in the day. I would have never thought to park in the Wendy's lot, but the Goldberg family set us up fine once again.

From the edge of the parking lot we had a tremendous view of the parade. Honestly, it was a step back in time.

I kept waiting to see Andy and Barney drive by in that 1963 Ford Galaxy police cruiser. I am not calling Clarion some hick town Mayberry, it was just a good old fashion event.

The fire department had some beautiful rigs rolling down the street. Unlike my own town's parade, they did not have lights and sirens blaring.

There were many marching bands. Some were very good at marching and playing as a band.

Others were way off key and out of step. Not this one per say, but some of them. There were many marching bands.

And some horses are always required for a good parade.

The Kid Rock song Cowboy, was just bouncing in my head as this guy rode by. Not sure why, the guy looks nothing like Kid Rock.

The numerous homemade floats were charming. These young kids were having a great time for sure. Did I mention all the floats were throwing candy to the crowd?

I love a classic car. A classic truck is even better. A classic armored car? How does that stack up in the pyramid? This was a perfect restoration. The truck appeared to be brand new. I was so captivated I walked right out into the street and walked all around the armored car taking photos.

The Shriners were doing their thing. My best friend from high school is a Shriner. I always thought it an odd thing for him to be into. Now I totally understand. Shrine on Steve, Shrine on. It is a cool thing you do...

There were numerous drill teams also. I think this drill team was sponsored by the local adult book store. There routine was a lot racy for teenage girls. A tremendous amount of booty shaking and pelvis thrusting to put it lightly.

Maybe it is just me getting old...

The log cabin float was awesome. It had smoke coming out of the chimney. The candy they were throwing was awesome too. Yes, Goetze's Caramel Creams gets me knocking down kids, trying to scramble in to get my candy. I am a sucker for caramel creams.

We had various beauty queens come by. Some of them actually were beautiful. We saw a Corn queen, homecoming queen (college and high school), teen queen, even the milk queen. The only queen we did not see was Percilla, queen of the desert. After three hours of parade watching, my group was ready to head back to Penn Wood. I only agreed because it was getting close to happy hour time.

In my next post, I will tell you about open house, happy hour, and the mother of all potluck suppers.

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Anonymous said...

Ever heard the song "Shriner's Convention" by Ray Stevens... If I ever had a friend that's a Shriner I would torment him by playing it every time I saw him!