Sunday, May 10, 2009

We went camping this weekend. Wish I had something more exciting to share with you all than this simple photo...

The photo does not show it, but I have just passed a caravan of twelve SOB trailer on Reeser's Summit, PA. Now this a very steep hill coming out of Harrisburg.  My Dodge is a half ton with a 318 under the hood. All those SOBs were much bigger and had a lot more horses under the hood. Yes, I have issues. 
The weekend was a lot of fun. We used the Airstream while a few friends tent camped. Of course, the phrase of the weekend was "sure we have that". Regardless it was nice to get out and spend the weekend camping. Being able to supply coffee or a pot or even a toilet was the least I could do. 
Next weekend we are home then off again on the road. Beach trip coming up. 

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bnc4k said...

Hey Frank, I have the most amazing idea! You should do a TV show like "Overhaulin" but for airstreams! Leroy could be your first episode! You could pretend he was stolen and I would get pissed! I think thats a great idea? Who can we pitch it to?

Missing the sirstreaming world!