Saturday, April 25, 2009

I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind

I have been sitting on my hands, or folding them over my head. I have been unsure of which way to go. Should I go? Should I stay? It is a very expensive endeavour to say the least.

Go where? Do what? Go to the International Rally in Madison Wisconsin. What was my deciding factor?

... that guy right there, the guy wearing a Frank's Trailer Works T-shirt. Dale Schwamborn sent me over the edge to a point of no return. When he said he was going, I said me too! Honestly the caravan out with my unit is also a big factor too. I am honored with the job of Wagon Boss and plan to take the job very seriously. It is looking like we will have a professional scout on the caravan too. Yes, a professional scout, one that may have been able to blaze the way for a caravan from Capetown South Africa to Cairo Egypt. I have invited Dale to come along with us and he has said he would love to. I will probably fly him into Pittsburgh for our first day of the caravan and he will stay with Ava and I. I will let him sleep on Anna's gaucho. I had better get it upholstered before the caravan. Dale has met Kings and Queens, he has shaken the hand of the Lion of Juda Haile Selassie. I think he deserves the best bed in my trailer. I have been extremely fortunate to become friends with Dale and look forward to spending more time with him. Ava is very fond of him too.

But to prove I am not BSing, I wanted some to see the registration slips and their required fees before I put them in the mailbox. I wonder if the International Board of Trustees know what is heading their way. I wonder if the cheese in Wisconsin is as good as they say. Soon enough we will find out.


Anonymous said...


You just plain look good in the picture with PeeWee. I'd like to get a Frank's TrailerWorks tee-shirt if you accept PayPal.

I may have to stop reading your blog - you're doing/about to do a bunch of stuff that makes me too jealous.

I will, however, stick around long enough to read about WI cheese...

Keep on bloggin',

Sugarfoot said...

My "Frank's Trailer Works" T-shirt has been campfire-cured from boondocking in it all weekend. :-D Thanks, Frank! It wears nicely.

I'm jealous too. Some of us have to work during the International.

Brad Norgaard said...

I just returned from having dinner with PeeWee. He told me all about your plans and is really looking forward to it. We had a nice chat but he didn't say anything about a Frank's Trailer Works t-shirt. Wonder why he didn't mention it?

I need one in a XXL. Where can one get such a thing?