Thursday, April 9, 2009

Muy Mexicano. Muy...

Yesterday morning Beth and I boarded a first class bus from San Miguel to Guanajuato. Taking the bus in Mexico is awesome. All the airlines should come down and see how it is to travel comfortably. Clean spacious seats, beer served for free, a sandwich, ultra clean bathroom, a movie, and no stress. We paid $8.00 for the hour and a half ride.

Guanajuato sits in a steep valley and was founded by the Spanish. It was where the revolution started and also the site of the richest silver lode in the new world. This is the most "Mexican" feel we have experienced. Thank God I have been learning spanish from the the Guatemalans I work with, for with out it I would be dead in the water. Very few people speak English here. Only a few guys that were deported for not having proper documentation speak English. They seem to seek me out so they can tell me about their former lives in Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and Milwaukee. They all want to go back, but until the work climate changes they all stay put.

Churches are on every block and like in San Miguel they are cathedrals. Due to Santa Samanta the churches are very active and people are bringing offerings of camomile flowers that are laid at the alter. I do not know the significance of the camomile. Perhaps I will ask the next guy that seeks me out what it means.

The Mexican people have a love affair for the dead. We went to a museum that houses mummies. Something about the soil mummifies the bodies. The museum was packed with with families coming to see them. There were about 70 on display.

The babies were a bit hard to take, but we found this place fascinating.

Wally and the caravan came here in 1952. I have seen a photo of them with the mummies when they were lined up along the walls. Now they are all in cases.

I have been behaving myself. Fortunately I am not the subject of this photo... I will after posting this go make Beth and I some margaritas though.

The old world and the new world are never far apart here. The original pick up truck and gang sign graffiti side by side

We have been eating well. This has been my favorite spot to eat... 5 tacos pastor for $1.00. They are so good it blows my mind. I had 10 for brunch just before starting this blog post. All you wimps that worry about eating something scary would walk right past, but I go back over and over. The $1.00 Corona tastes mighty fine too.

Now if you were to own a silver mine this is the sort of house you would build. It now houses the state museum.

We love to shop and always find going where the locals go to be the most interesting places to do our shopping.

Mercardo Hidalgo is just the place to find anything you might want.

looking around is the best part.

Being the only Gringo was interesting too. Hope you enjoyed our trip so far. I will try and post again in a day or two.


alumanutz said...

When I was down there I wanted an original margarita. I forgot they used the local water in the ice! After a few days in the restroom, I went back to bottled beer!


Frank's Trailer Works said...

John, I have never had a problem with that. The only issues we have ever had was eating from Pizza Hut down here. I stick to the local food and we never have issues. The key is chilli and limes