Sunday, May 31, 2009

Crawfish Fun Fest

I was Host of my very first rally this past weekend. I guess I need to thank all the past hosts of all the rallies I have attended, for they schooled me well. Twelve trailers showed up and we took this rally to ELEVEN. I am very proud of how the weekend came together and extremely pleased with the old friendships that were re kindled and the new ones formed. I could not be more pleased with the way The Second Annual Crawfish Joint Trailer Gathering took place. To all those that attended, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
My journey began at 6 p.m. from my house. Beth and I left for Northern New Jersey and headed right into a huge traffic jam on the Baltimore Beltway. Stop and go, stop and go, and at least two times of locking all eight tires up when the go became a sudden stop. Around the Pennsylvania State Line we ran into rain. Now rain is no big deal in most situations, but in the mountains of Pennsylvania, it likes to manifest itself in the form of fog. Beth did not like the fog and rain one bit. She kept telling me we should get off the road and wait it out. Fortunately I had to meet Carl and Elaine Deitz  in Frackville so we could not stop, we needed to meet up with them, we had a mission. When we pulled into the Cracker Barrel, Carl was all ready to drive, so we pressed on. Once again, Beth was not happy about the heavy rain and fog. I kept assuring her that the truck I was following has going to get us through to the other side. I told her that once we got to the Delaware Water Gap, we would talk to Carl and decide weather it was time to shut down. Funny thing was that by the time we got to the Delaware Water Gap it was not raining and we decided to press on. We got to the Sussex County Fairgrounds at midnight and just snuck right in. No one said stop, so we drove right in.

Trailers started to arrive at about 8:30 but they had to wait in line for the event to officially open. We hung out and waited too. The security was very cool about the fact we had snuck in. Not sure if it was the fact that I reported to them at 7 and confessed or weather they liked the bold move in the middle of the night, but we received the first wrist bands of the weekend. How ever, the true badges of courage were earned my Donal and David

These two boys tried to see who could put a bigger hurting on each other. They ran head first into each other and the results were spectacular. Donal knocked his tooth out by cutting Davids head wide open. Blood was shed, the event was blessed and christened in blood. Donal had to get his tooth wired in and David got about eight stitches to the forehead. David wore his blood soaked shirt all weekend and was disappointed the ambulance did not run the siren on the way to the hospital. Good job boys, I am very proud of you both.

I received a wonderful gift from my awesome friend Don. He gave me this wonderful 1962 cooler. The Featherflite was the vessel we used to serve Wally Byam's favorite cocktail out of. It just seemed so appropriate to serve the drinks from it. Any guess what his cocktail was? Seven and Seven. The most simple, most entry level of cocktails. Wally was a Seven and Seven guy.
... a happy hour, going from one until six was just the kind of happy hour Wally would have loved. There was so much good food served and we even had a tequila tasting. The Herradora Reposada was put up against a Cuervo Reserva Anejo. 

Beth, which one did you like best? It was a toss up with most that tried them. 

But we did eat us some bugs and they were great. Deborah kept saying her lips were burning. Mine were too. They were some kind of tasty. But the real reason for coming to the rally was to hear some music.
This band Bonerama played Friday night. I never knew When the Levee Breaks could be played on trombone. It can and it might be better than on guitar. I was blown away by these boys. I wish they had had more than one show. Maybe next year.
I was the Breakfast Chef. Both mornings we had a full breakfast made to order. I think it was a smashing hit. The breakfast materials all came from a very generous donation given by one of the attendees. Brother, thank you again on so many levels. I am very grateful.

Everyone seemed to have a great time eating and socializing together. The participation of everyone was what made this rally such a huge success. The fellowship was tremendous.
Everyone brought a little something and it made the entire thing huge. Deborah's bread and Skips Bloodies rounded things out nicely.

Everyone had a great time I think.
I know I enjoyed meeting some new friend. This is my new buddy Richard. I will tell you all about Pam and Richard in my next post. He looks happy for sure.
Maybe it was Wonder Woman dancing with the All Mighty Brass Band or maybe it was that everything about the weekend was smooth and easy. 
Steve Riley and the Mammou Playboys put on one hell of a swinging show. The guest Saxophone player really wailed on it too.

We had a guest saxophone player come do happy birthday for Beth. Sunday was her birthday and we had a mini party in the morning. Joe played happy birthday and Elaine had a birthday cake for her. 

The down side to all rallies is that they end. I hate the packing up the trailer and truck after a rally. The drive home and the unpacking is all so depressing to me. I need to find a way to put a positive spin on it. I need to host another rally. 


utee94 said...

Looks like great fun.

Seven and Seven? I can dig that. That just might become my new Happy Hour cocktail, as a Memorial to Wally.

But, what was Helen's favorite cocktail??


Anonymous said...

Saying "Thank you" just doesn't seem "big" enough, or deep enough, or ... "something" enough. Do I write it in capital letters with lots of exclamation points?


Do I put a bunch of smilie faces around it? :^ )

How do I write to you in this comment section of yours how truly fortunate and blessed I am to have met you and your family? How do I say it was fucking great to see you again and not feel so damn sad afterwards?!

You know me. I don't do trite, (though polite and well-meaning) convenient phrases. I don't "gab" or socialize very well in person. "Mistral blue" has become my alter ego who, because of this particular medium, has time to say what he wants, who doesn't have to deal with interruptions, and who can finish a thought coherently every once in awhile. MB is a catharsis for me. I could never say this to you "live" and in-person. It'll probably take me an hour to write this crap to my liking before I send it off to you.

Now, that palpable pain we feel at the end of a rally; the packing up depression and not-knowing-how-to-deal-with-it feeling, combined with the stress of a long haul ahead is a phenomenom Amanda, Donal and I struggle with all of the time. We've tried the quick getaways, and the long goodbyes, and every other vapid variation in between. We can't seem to figure it out either, perhaps we never will, but we do know others feel the same way we do. I guess that's some comfort.

Please know we know how you feel at the end of a rally, my brotha. You'll find that the best rallys, the ones you put your heart, soul and blood into, are the most painful ones to leave.

This one was painful.

I love you and take care.

Or, if you prefer, Thank you! and see u down the road! ;^ )


silverhobby said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. Thanks for sharing the pictures Frank.

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank, good to hear you were in my old stomping grounds. Grew up in Newton, which you may have gone through on route 94 coming up from Del. Water Gap. I do not envy any caravan going through Newton. Ick.

Glad you had a good time. The fairgrounds - oh so many memories. ;)

Skip said...

It was great to meet so many good people. Without our catalyst Frank it never would have happened. So thank you again, Frank.

And as far as leaving, David, Allie and I also struggle with it. It does not get any easier, my friend, All we can do is know we all had as much fun as we could and we will have more fun the next time we meet.

Sugarfoot said...

WOW! Great blog post, Frank. Wicked good fun, friends, the best music, a little blood and guts for the kids. LOL! All the way it should be. Don, you're too cool. It's a good friend who parts with that vintage cooler for another friend. All of you rock!

Pam and Chuck said...

Absolutely and totally had a fantastic time! Laid back and easy described our gathering of Airstreamers. The music was awesome! We'll definitely be back next year.

Thank you Frank and Beth.

It was truly a pleasure.