Monday, May 25, 2009

Fine Finds

Every trip I take I find very cool rigs out there. I love my Airstream, but I am not a total Airstream snob like some. I appreciate a fine SOB more than the average guy. I would like to share with you a few I saw this weekend.
Now this here was my was my favorite find. Martin saw this 1966 split window Volkswagen Camper last Memorial Day while traveling home from this very campground. It was a total impulse buy he said. There is a bunch of VW campers that have a club I have found out. He spent the winter repairing the rotten body panels and making it usable again. My hats off to Martin. I envy your bus. Very cool 
A strong runner up for coolest was this 1967 Ultra Van. I tried to get Beth to fall in love with it, for it is for sale. She sniffed the bait, but would not bite the hook.  No price listed, but for sale. Someone at the campground said it was for sale last year. Price must be very high for it to still be there.
If you are serious and you think you are worthy, Drop me a line and I will tell you where it is. This would make a killer RV, unfortunately it needs serious work.
ULTRA VAN... it is ultra cool to say the least.
She is an "11" from 40 feet. Unfortunately this Spartan Manor is one rough chick. I have my sights set on a Spartan. I really want one of these sleek girls for my harem. I admire the woodwork in these trailers and find the lines very sexy. I snuck into the yard to look up close. This one needs serious attention and far more than I would be willing to offer. My intrusion was discovered and this one too is for sale. The owner was trying hard to get me to take it off his hands. Times are tight he said. Unfortunately, my extra cash is too. She is priced very cheap, but not cheap enough for what she needs. Once again, if you think you are worthy, I will let you know where she sits.

Not for sale and not as cool as the rest was this tiny little Scamp. I like them and hate them. The owners were never around for me to talk to. My curiosity will just have to continue.


Skip said...

The Ultravans are cool. Nice layout inside too. Wife's cousin has one. He redid it and went camping twice. It's been sitting. His is a later model that has a Chevy 307. Earlier units had the Corvair air cooled flat 6. The company owner was a former Cessna engineer. Ultravans are what an Airstream MH should have been.

I bet Wife's cousin's Ultravan could be had for a reasonable sum. Very few, if any others, in the northeast.

Owen said...

I'm interested in the UltraVan. I actually wrote to the museum it was in last year (Mar 08) and found out it was available for $14k. Seemed awfully high at the time but I didn't know anything about the mechanical condition.

Just recently it turned up for sale here:
listed at $6,800. Whis is at least ballpark reasonable, depending on condition.

You say it needa a lot of work. Can you tell me more about the condition?