Sunday, April 27, 2008


I do not know if I mentioned this before, but I really hate polishing with a passion. I am working my way around the trailer doing this thing referred to as "the first cut". I think the first cut is the first time polishing the trailer all around once. The second cut will probably be when I go back and it do again with the cyclo polisher. There are a lot of swirls that catch the light just right creating trippy pattern. I have done about 45% now in this first cut.

I am removing the various items such as the tail lights and license plate bracket. Wire brushing the metal parts, priming them and then painting them. A big fat bead of vulkum and new stainless screws.

Have I mentioned how much I hate polishing? Now I am way past the point of no return


Rob & Zoe' Baker said...

Love that bumper sticker!

TomW said...

Sorry to read that FTW is polishing instead of working on the double-door.

I hope the situation improves.