Thursday, April 24, 2008

the beginning of total stupidity

The weather here has been beyond spectacular. Low of 50 high of 80, lots of sun. This weather speaks of polishing. I did not and do not want a polished trailer however I had to. The reason I have to polish is due to skin changes I have made and half ass attemps at polishing by previous owners. I found that there are many ways to skin a cat, and I tried three distinctive ways to skin my cat named Anna. I have heard that one needs to find what works for you, and I have now spent about 15 hour figuring out what is the right system for me.

Here is Diamond Brite. This is the polish used by Rob Baker and Mark the AirstreamGuy. I unfortunately do not think it works well. I feel it only treats the surface and does not polish up to the luster needed. Sorry, my opinion though careful testing.

This is the best polishing system in my opinion. It is a rouge stick and a cotton wheel. The rouge sticks polish extremmly fast and give a super high shine. The problem with this system is it only covers a small area. I doubled up two pads on a long shaft, but the area covered is too small to cover the whole trailer. I use this around the windows and at the panel seams.

Here is what I found works best for me... I know, the expensive, slow method, but it works well. I used F7 Nuvite. I found working an area about 4 square foot at a time to be the the most comfortable.

This is my Harbor Freight polisher. I bought it before I realized what junk the tools from them are. I do not recommend anyone buy one of these. A little more money is well spent. The arbor vibrates so much that the my carpel tunnel issues are flaring up big time. I am using a wool pad on for the first step.

I apply a small amount of polish to the pad. I just use my finger to smear a blob the size of a lima bean and go at it. I start slowly so that the entire area is covered by a thin smear of F7. After that it is a matter of removing the polish through even passes from right to left and top to bottom. The shine just magically appears. I use mineral spirits to remove the residue of polish and oxidation. The black stuff is oxidation. I have gone through a mountain of rags already removing the stuff. After the final polish, I wipe it all down with acetone. Acetone gets aluminum very clean and leaves it shiny.

after the first compounding...

after the the second compounding...

After a third compounding... Like a mirror or fun house mirror at least.


Anonymous said...

That last pic brings a big smile to my face :^ )


Tim said...

Looks good!

Can I say I told you so? ;-)

Denise said...

Pretty cool and shiney!

Denise said...

Looks good...and very shiny!!!