Thursday, February 12, 2009

spring fever

A blogger buddy feels I have been neglecting my mistress. He claims I am distracted by other hotties lurking in the shadows. He is wrong. I am still madly hot for my Anna. Today it was almost 50 degrees and I made some time to spend with my girl. I will be doing as many little thing for her as I can now that the weather feels more temperate.

I pulled out the bench top brake and some 2024 aluminum and commenced to cutting and bending.

Some buck riveting and some drilling and next thing I knew I reproduced the sheet metal gear box for the TV antenna. This one does not need constant priming and painting to keep it from rotting away.

I have been gathering bits and parts of antennas for a year now to get one complete.

Here is my 1958, 61,62, 64 Television antenna. The ironic thing is we do not watch TV while camping. I just like the added bling. I guess I need to send in for one of those converter box coupons or this antenna will be obsolete.


Anonymous said...

The converter box has little to do with your antenna. Your antenna picks up signals. It either picks up the digital signal well or not. Depends on whether the digital signal is UHF or VHF or whatever and whether your antenna has been designed to pick up UHF or VHF or whatever. All the converter box does is change the 1's and 0's that are coming in on the antenna into an analog format your TV can understand.

While the antenna you have for digital matters, it's just for yanking in signals, not actually making use of those signals.

I hope this helps.

Of course, you could be just being sarcastic about it and I missed the sarcasm tag ;) In which case, enjoy the bling! :)

Frank's Trailer Works said...

Sarcasm hard and thick. Most people rip these things off and go with much more modern systems. I never intend to watch TV in my trailer ever. The world will be converting from waves to "1" and "0", but we will be playing board games and listening to the radio.

utee94 said...

Looks great, Frank. If you did want to pick up OTA TV, I bet you could get the Martian news channel with that thing.

Thanks for the post!

Blogger Buddy

Skip said...

Well you could get a TV like this for the old antenna